At Shelton Homes, construction is more than a job; it’s a passion. It is an intersection of customer service, creativity, innovation, and meticulous project management that allows us to make our clients’ dreams come true.


We believe building and remodeling should be an exciting experience – not a painful one. Careful planning can go a long way toward reducing unnecessary stress and frustrations that are so often complained of during typical construction and renovation projects. When you hire us, you are partnering with a team that values transparency and clear communication. After all, it’s not our home; it’s yours. You should never feel like you are in the dark.


Any builder knows your house is only as strong as your foundation. That is why our company was founded upon the values and strengths of another great builder who went before us. Honor, peace, integrity, and excellence will pave the way for every project we begin no matter where our path may lead.


When it comes to building or renovating your property, we want to respect your resources and time. Efficiency is paramount to keeping our projects on track and moving forward as quickly as possible. We utilize cutting edge project management tools to eliminate waste and help us maintain pace as we forge new paths in industry efficiency.


At the end of the day, you want two things: durability and aesthetics. Our high-quality materials and sharp eye for design make us leaders in construction and renovation craftsmanship. If we are building your dream home, we want to create a space you can enjoy for decades to come. If we are updating your home, we want you to enjoy greater functionality and feel more confident in your ability to provide a hospitable environment. If we are improving your commercial property, we want to provide you with extreme value for your investment and help you protect your bottom line. Whatever your goals may be, we’ll help you achieve them with exceptional attention to every last detail.

Transparency. Reputation. Efficiency. Craftsmanship. That’s the Shelton Difference.

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